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Spring Equinox/Ostara

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According to our sun it is the Spring Equinox, the time of balance between night and day that slowly tips over into ever increasing daylight bringing along warmth and brightness so things can grow and become fertile.  According to the weather nah, it’s still winter time.  Hopefully winter will lose it’s grip soon along with the snow and the biting cold temperatures.  In the mean time snuggle up warm with your chocolate eggs and plan what you’re going to do in the warmer months, perhaps get your tickets for our summer camp ;0)  Check the Lammas Camp tab in the menu.

Eggs, Chocolate Eggs, where?

Ostara and Beltain time always make me think of fairies as well, the fairy kind small ones, not big mischievous ones that you should beware of.

So I let my fancy get away with me and have decorated a bottle with a fairy grove scene.  A fairy sitting on a mushroom with a Hare (of course) and a butterfly coming to greet her.  There are other mushrooms in tuffets of grass and butterflies flitting around.  The scene is lit by tiny fairy lights (what else ;0)), that are operated by a switch in the cork shaped top.  Finished off with a butterfly on the top, flowers and a label that says ‘fairys gather here at dusk’  Fairy Bottle

Hope you have a lovely spring whatever the weather :0)

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