Samhain Celebrations

Samhain Ritual & Celebration 2018 and 13th Chesterfield Pagans Moot

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Samhain Celebrations

Samhain Ritual and Celebrations at Eyre Chapel, Newbold Chesterfield.  We will be having a child friendly Ritual followed by Food Share, Music & Dancing to celebrate the Ancestors, the thinning of the veil and the coming year.  There will be a Fancy Dress and Pumpkin Competition with prizes of Lammas Camp Tickets for 2018, whoo.  No need to come in fancy dress though if you don’t fancy it ;0) robes or ‘normal’ clothes are fine as well. This is a link to our facebook page for more info.

This month was also our 13th Moot, not bad going if I do say so :0) even baked a cake to celebrate the event a green mouldy spider infested one ;0) but everyone was very complementary about it and there was none left so it must have been good :0)  We had a talk by Kate regarding Negotiations with the Fae, Bargains and Contracts.  It went very well she is very interesting to listen to and sparked lots of discussion afterwards.  Next month, November, will be Paranormal Investigations by Cherill.  We have a moot every 2nd Monday of the month at The Old House, Newbold, just up from where the Samhain Celebrations are taking place and where we have Drumming every 1st Thursday of the month.  Everyone is welcome to come along to our events, doesn’t matter what path you’re on as long as you are interested, friendly and wanting to take part :0)

My spider cake

Thanks for the photo Sandra :0)xx

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