Raven Dream Catcher spirals

Raven who stole the Sun & Moon and Dream Catcher Raven

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Sun & Moon RavenRaven Dream Catcher
Thought I would have a change from the painted hanging Hares I’ve been doing and Crow/Ravens called to me.
I read about a Native American Legend where White Raven at the beginning of time, when the world was dark, fell in love with the daughter of Grey Eagle.  When he was invited into their house he noticed light seeping out of a box, being curious he peeked in and out flew the Sun, he caught it in his beak and then flew high and higher into the sky with it and placed it there.  The world was now lit and he could see an island, knowing that Grey Eagle would be angry at him for having taken the sun, he flew to the island.  The next night he flew back to Grey Eagles house as he felt ashamed of Grey Eagle for keeping the sun and so the world in darkness, he was also curious as to what else might be in the box.  He discovered the moon and flew high into the sky with it to place it there to give light to the night sky.  He went back again and just as he had taken the stars out to go place them in the sky Grey Eagle discovered him and so to escape he flew up the smoke hole turning his white feathers black, and so they remain to this day to remind us of how Raven brought light to the Earth.
After reading the story I set to work making the raven with the sun in his mouth and the moon and stars at his feet.
Sun Moon Crow Raven dreamcatcher feathers
The next one I made was Raven with a Dream Catcher.  It’s surprisingly fiddley doing a dream catcher with wire, especially when its small and dainty.  It does look really good though with the beads and feathers dangling from it.
Crows and Ravens
I have a few more Crow Raven shapes.  As it’s near Samhain Morrigan seems a good choice and that is what I am working on now.  I also want to use a couple for Huginn and Muninn, Odin’s Ravens Thought and Memory.
Ravens and Crows are common characters amongst many believes, Norse of course and also Celtic, Roman, Greek.  They also feature a lot as peoples personal totems, spirit guides and power animals.
If you’re interested in these Ravens, Crows please see my section on here Dangley Hanging Things

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