Raven Sun Moon & Stars, Native American Legend


Native American Legend Raven decoration of Sun Moon and Stars being placed in the sky




Raven holding the sun in his beak and the moon and stars at his feet.

His wings are accented in silver from the glow from the sun and he has spirals and stars on his wings. Both sides are painted.

One Native American Legend has it that the Raven, who’s feather were originally white, stole the sun moon and stars that were kept in a box by his lover’s father and the world was in darkness. So one day he daringly took the sun and placed it in the sky, and then the moon, and then the stars. To escape capture he had to fly up the chimney in the centre of the hut and so his feathers turned black from the soot and have remained that way ever since.

The wood is locally sourced Birch ply.


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