Pentagram Tree of Life Wooden Willow Pentacle



Willow, Beaded and Decorated Tree of Life Pentagram


Wooden Tree of Life Pentacle

This Pentagram is made from the Willow that grows happily in my garden.  It is woven in the traditional under and over way.

At the centre of the Pentagram is a Tree of Life made with artistic green wire and has small leaves dangling from it’s branches.

On the top point of the Pentagram is a Triquetra to represent spirit and the triple aspect of the goddess.

At either side hangs the sun and moon, fire and water.

Hanging from the other two points are ribbons and cord in shades of blue and green to represent sea and sky.

Around the Willow are wrapped beads in similar shades as the ribbons.

It measures approx 24cm wide and is around 40cm in length.


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