Paganism, Shamanism, Rock n Roll

Paganism, Shamanism, Rock n Roll Hasfest

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Been playing some more with the same stuff I made the feather necklace from and paying homage to Hasfest our small festival that pretty much started off the madness that is Lammas Camp These bracelets have Paganism, Shamanism, Rock n Roll on them which was the motto of Hasfest and which we will be giving a nod to at this years Lammas Camp by playing psy trance dance and rock in the marquee Friday night and dancing ourselves silly, of course if your not into that it’s also nice to sit by the camp fire and watch the stars :0)

Also made a few other bracelets in the same sort of style while I was on the roll including a purple feather one, which could have been dropped by a passing unicorn if unicorns were feathered, a Pegasus unicorn crossover ;0)

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