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Lammas Camp, an idea of what might happen

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Cor I’ve not been keeping up very well the blog part of this website or my blogger blog, they’ve become pretty much the same mind you since starting this one.  Probably should do something about that but never sure what to write.

Anywhose wanted to say that Lammas Camp is pretty much upon us once again.  If you’ve never been why not give it a try?  Time spent in a field with marvellous views of the Derbyshire countryside with a like minded bunch of folk is never wasted.  When you’ve had enough of sitting around relaxing soaking up the atmosphere and having a brew or two (or whatever’s your tipple), there are workshops to learn something new or swap ideas in, crafts to create and drums to beat.

The central sacred fire is kept going throughout the weekend and is a good place to sit around, drum and chat or dance around as the night gets cooler.  It has the ashes of many other sacred fires, from far away and this country, sprinkled into it to lend their energies to our camp, as our fires ashes will be collected by those who like to to lend the energies of this camp to their own fires.

The ‘Beating of the Bounds’ starts off Lammas Camp Thursday evening, when we go round the field beating our drums and clearing the space ready for the weekend, please join in and if you don’t have a drum clap your hands or just walk with us to where the fire is to be lit.

Friday evening let your hair down and show your moves off in the dance temple, well marquee ;0)  There’s likely to be entertainment before hand as well to get you in the mood.

Saturday is the Lammas Camp Ritual, if this is your first Pagan camp don’t worry we don’t get naked or anything, tempting as it might be in this heat ;0)

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Workshop info and other useful stuff like the ticket form is here and there is also a facebook link so that you can see what’s going on there as well.

If you’re not fancying cooking and washing up take a look at the menu download next to the ticket forms, very good prices, they cater for vegetarians and vegans too, and have snacks as well as main meals, ice cream, hot chocolate …

Have a browse round the stalls and treat yourself something different and individual to the normal stuff :0)

The camp site it’s self has archaeological interest with barrows dating back 4000 years – take a look here.

Well I’d better get wire wrangling and make some pretties for Lammas Camp.  Hope to see you there :0)

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