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Handfasting Ceremony

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Enjoyed watching a lovely couple getting handfasted at the weekend.  It was at their Willow farm and we were all invited to camp if we wanted so that the celebrations could go on into the night, which was just as well really as there was lots of different homemade wines and other goodies to sample afterwards.  The ceremony took place on the grass surrounded by trees and they were handfasted in front of a flower bower with a golden ribbon, very pretty :0)  We had decided to get them something as a handfasting gift, a handmade wooden crate by Elphius Flux, beer to put in the crate and a hand made pentacle by me similar to the ones here but special for them.  The pentacle was made of Willow, not as thought they haven’t got plenty of that I know ;0), but it also had on it a bear as one of the couple goes by Bear and on the other point a pixie for the other person.  I placed a golden amber coloured heart in the centre balanced by the sun and moon on each side and the goddess above.  Underneath were golden ribbons and green leaves, and a dragon charm as their place is called Dragons Wood.  I hadn’t know they had chosen gold as their handfasting colour just lucky chance.  After the ceremony followed music, dancing, drumming, eating and drinking as well as catching up with people not seen for a while.

Handfasting gift

Golden grass sunset

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