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Green Man box and Triple Moon box

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Just finished decorating two wooden boxes and Beltane must have been on my mind more than I thought as when I was trying to get decent photos of them it occurred to me that I had unconsciously  made one for the male and one for the female :0)  So there is a Green Man box in green with darker green leaves around it and on the top the face of the greenman, and on the inside of the lid an acorn.  The other box is purple with glitter sparkles all over and little silver coloured stars and dots, with the Triple Moon Goddess symbol one top in a darker purple and a silver spiral on the full moon.

greenman boxGreenman acorn box triple moon box front triple moon boxtriple moon box side

They would make a lovely handfasting gift or just as a place to keep your special small items and crystals.

If you’d like more details of these boxes please click here to go my ‘other things’ tab

Hope everyone has enjoyed a fabulous Beltane and continues to enjoy the spring :0)




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