Thursday 3rd – Sunday 6th August 2017
Lammas Camp is a Fantastic Friendly Gathering for anyone who enjoys nature and is spiritual open minded.  
​This will be our 14th year.
Held at New House Organic Farm Kniverton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1JL 
in the top field ​which gives wonderful view over the beautiful countryside around there.
Please note, if you use the postcode in your sat nav/mapping, it is 400 yards due north of the flag.
Share and swap ideas and tales, join in with workshops, listen to talks and meditations, beat your drum, dance yourself silly, join us in ritual, stalls, entertainment… or just take time to relax and breathe.​
​You can purchase your place at this great camp multiple ways, either in person at our
Monthy Moot or at our Drum Circle
(more info on these events here – Chesterfield Pagans facebook page),
or download the ticket info from the Ticket Form & Info page  and email it in,
or print off the ticket application and post it to us at the address on the ticket info form.
​Individual prices are on the ticket form, but the whole weekend is only £26 per adult 
workshop and talks are included in the ticket price.
Tickets are limited to keep that friendly vibe, don’t miss out, get your ticket before they sell out.
Ticket sales end Monday 24th July and money to be cleared by 26th July 2017
We are a not for profits organisation and all crew donate time and energy freely for the pagan community,
We operate a no refunds policy.
 No gate sales

We hope you enjoy your time at camp and find time to relax and recharge your batteries as well as learning something new.
Chesterfield Pagans Lammas Camp facebook event page can be found here –
Workshop and Ritual timetables etc will be available on here nearer the time so remember to keep checking back for updates.
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Thursday – Camp opens at 2pm
Beating of the Bounds, Opening Ritual, Fire, Drum
Friday –  Entertainment, Hasfest Revival
Saturday – Lammas Ritual, Handfasting, Drumming

Sunday – Camp closes at 2pm​

*   *   *   *   *

WORKSHOPS (what we know so far, time table nearer the date)

Barbara Meiklejohn-free – Drumming Journey for Power Animals, Psychic Protection and Boundaries


Flavia Kate Peters (tbc) – Faery Moon Magic, Wheel of the Year or Elemental Awakening


Tan Harvey – Magic of Incense, Raven the Myth of Magic


Lara Turner – Map of the Astral Plane, Birth Readings


Darren Ramsdale & Suzanne – Runes

Suzanne and Darren have been partnering up at the Lammas Camp for the last few years to deliver their joint workshop on runes, touching on galdr, code runes, bindrunes and oracular ethics in past years. Come join a Gytha (Asatru priestess) and a Vitki (rune magician) in discussion about the practical and magical uses of the Elder Futhark. Some knowledge of runes is an advantage. As these discussions tend to go on well after time, both Suzanne and Darren will be around the camp throughout the weekend to carry on talking runes. Just find the folks that look like Vikings. You don’t even have to bribe them with biscuits…


Suzanne – Blot to the Aesir and Vanir

Come join Suzanne, UK Ambassador for The Asatru Community, for a blot, or praising ritual in the Heathen/Asatru/Norse tradition. The ritual will be conducted in English, with a short time for questions and discussion afterwards.

Ritual etiquette: there will be rounds in which a horn of alcohol is passed from person to person. If you prefer not to imbibe, the polite thing to do is to raise it and make a toast, verbal or silent is acceptable. It’s OK not to know the names of the Norse gods, but please don’t praise or call to those not of the Northern traditions at the blot. If you’ve not used a drinking horn before, put the point towards the ground as you drink from it. It’ll save you getting a face full. Trust me.


Karl Stirland – Chanting


Nacht Engel – Runes 
An informal and free introduction to the Elder Futhark Runes-the magical alphabet of the ancient Germanic tribes of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The runes have been used for many centuries both for divination and as powerful magical symbols.
This workshop will provide a little of the history and mythology surrounding them, as well as teach you ways to recognise and remember each rune and it’s meaning. It will show you in a fun and interactive way a few techniques for using them to reveal hidden wisdom and unveil the possible future. You will also learn how to create a bind rune talisman for protection, wealth, love, success or health. Free rune interpretation sheet for everyone attending.

Cherill Royce-Dexter – Importance of Animal Spirit with guided meditation
a talk first, followed by a guided meditation to take you to meet your current Animal Spirit guide.

Animal Spirit Guides at the four quarters
A recap on talk number 1 but a longer guided meditation to take you to the four directions to gain wisdom from the Animal Spirits who are there for you at this time.
I will also show you how to call upon your animal spirits to get help and guidance in everyday situations.

What it means to be a Pagan
A debate, on what it is to be a pagan. I will lay the foundations and hopefully we will learn from each other!


Simon Royce-Dexter – Kristos
Simon will be showing you how to conduct a method of past life regression using the Kristos Relaxation technique. This is perfectly safe and easy to do. Come along and try it for yourself.


Danielle Baker – Yoga, Friday evening, Saturday am and Sunday am

I will be sharing beautifully designed Hatha Yoga classes for all to join🌸Derbyshire @santeyoga Sunset yoga – 8pm Friday 4 August Sunrise yoga – 9.30 am Sat/Sun Come and celebrate the summer and be grateful for the fruit of our efforts through this year


Cat – Mind Expanding Science and Weird Shit

Cat’s regular Mind Expanding Science and Weird Shit discussion returns for an early evening of, well… mind expanding science. Previous years have seen us discuss astronomy, the cosmos, physics, the edge of the universe, how gravity affects light and other such mind exploding topics. Come join us for science explained. That science you learned in school? This is nothing like it. Apart from the science bits. Warning: you may end up leaving this, looking back up at the night sky afterwards and going ‘Woah’ and feeling at one with the cosmos, shortly before tripping over a tent peg…

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Del – Flowering Tree Ceremony

You will be asked to find a place to sit in nature, were you have a view of the four directions, then ask four questions to each of the directions. There’s a little more to it than that but you’ll get to find out more on the day.


Pat Dunnicliffe – Maintaining you Life force

Our Life force sustains us , makes us active and motivates us. We are all born with a certain amount of life force. We can gain or lose this power through our acts. Within this workshop we will look at how to maintain this energy, review techniques on how to build up this force to be more effective in our spiritual / ritual, healing and shamanic work. We will be working outside, finishing the session with a Drumming so bring Drums, rattles

Dave Frost –


Suzanne & Cat – Sunday Morning Story Time

Come join Suzanne and Cat for Sunday Morning Story Time. A two-hour chill down on the last morning of camp, full of short stories and poems, performed and written by your hosts. Those who’ve come before might just remember that last year we finished off the long running serialisation of a certain novel featuring a legendary Pirate. There’s no promise, but we might just be reading an extract from the beginning of book two. So it’s the perfect time to come try us out if you’ve not before, or carry on listening if you’ve been with us in past years. You know what Pirates are like, there’s always another adventure to tell… so bring a seat, grab some morning coffee, settle in and come chill out on the last morning of camp.


Aurora Hammonds – Herbs for health, food and marvellous magic

 In this workshop, we will explore how our most popular herbs are used, not just for cooking, but also to keep us healthy, in traditional folk medicine, for making magic and a myriad of uses that few people know about — with samples and tested recipes, including a pleasant floral tea to enjoy at the workshop, and a hardy perennial herb for the audience to win in a free raffle.


This Green and Paranormal Land…

 Weird stories that made the news, legends and myths, ghostly tales, haunting shucks, alien big cats sightings, fairy manifestations, poltergeist and vampire reports, unidentified flying objects (mostly released into the National Archives from files of the Ministry of Defence over nearly a century), with photos too of strange spooky stuff. I’ll focus mainly across Middle England, with some phenomena creeping in from beyond… after all, who’d dictate boundaries to ethereal beings?


Marcus – Astronomy
For thousands of years, humans have been looking at the stars, trying to make sense of the things they see in the night sky. Join me for an informal talk about what stars are and how they work, how surprisingly distant they are from us, and how the night sky has influenced human cultures through the ages. Also, please feel free to come and ask questions about anything in astronomy which interests you – from advice on telescopes to planets around other stars, any topic is welcome. Fingers crossed for good weather!

Paula Filipovic – Crafts 

including crafts for kids as well as adults.

​*   *   *   *   *

Stalls will be open as each stall holder chooses.

Do have a look round and get yourself something special :0)
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There’s no need to bother with the hassle of cooking and pot washing
RJS Catering will be returning to supply you with food and drink through out Lammas Camp

Lammas Camp 2017 Catering Menu
We will have a covered seating area for dining
Breakfast service
Freshly cooked Bacon, Eggs & Sausages (Vegetarian & Vegan Sausages available)
all served on a Fresh Roll with a Selection of Sauces (Gluten Free Rolls available)
£2.50 – £3.50
Fresh Fruit with Croissants / Pastries £2.00
Lunch service
Lunch bag consisting of a freshly filled baguette in a variety of flavours, packet of crisps and a muffin / cake £3.50
Jacket Potato served with fillings of Cheese, Beans, Chilli ( Vegetarian available), Tuna Mayo
£3.50 2 fillings
Portion of Chips £1.50
Evening Service
Barbecue serving:
Quarter pound Beefburgers
Traditional Pork Sausage
Chicken Wraps
Vegetarian alternatives of:
Vegetable Burgers
Vegetarian Sausages
Halloumi Wraps
Vegan Hot dogs
Vegan Burgers
All served on fresh Rolls with sauces £3.00 each
Friday – Chicken or vegetable (Vegetarian & Vegan) Curry with fresh rice £5.00
Saturday – Beef or vegetarian Chilli with fresh Rice £5.00Everyday we will be serving throughout:
Drinks: Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate 50p (Soya Milk available)
Bottled Soft Drinks £1.00
Crisps, Snacks & Chocolate 75p
Assorted Ice creams £1.50
All served on compostable products to keep the fire going when you are finished!
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