This is the main ticket form, there is a downloadable version at the bottom as well.

Sorry about the long list of instructions, we started off with very little apart from ‘have a bloody good time’ but experience over the years has lead us to having to write more than that, but we do still hope that all of us have a wonderful time at camp.
All information that you send is destroyed by Cherill at the end of camp and we don’t spam you with anything

Everything You Need to Know About
Chesterfield Pagans Lammas Camp
Plus The Ticket Order Form

Please read these terms and conditions before applying for tickets. The ticket application form is below.  Once you have read these pages please indicate on your ticket application form that you agree to abide by these rules/conditions. Failure to do so will result in your ticket request being denied.

Tickets are limited. We reserve the right to refuse ticket applications without giving a reason.  Tickets will be sent out by mail once payment is made and cleared.  These tickets must be presented to the Information/Welcome tent at camp, when you check in.  No ticket = no entry! You will receive a ‘tent label’ on checking in which must be displayed in a prominent position on the outside of your tent.  Please ask a member of the crew if you are unsure.
The person who orders the tickets is responsible for all members of their party knowing the camp rules!

Please do not arrive before 2.00pm without prior consent. Early arrivals for disabled people only who may need our assistance.
On arrival please report to the Marshalls (if they are there) at the entrance to the first field. The Welcome tent will be at the entrance to the camping field. Also, there is a steep hill to climb in your vehicle to get into the camping field, which can be difficult in wet weather.  Please follow the instructions the Marshalls will give you about this hill and where you must camp/park.  Marshalls will also be in the main events/camping field and you must follow their instructions should they give you any. We will try our best to help you if necessary!

There are no set pitches.  We cannot save any spaces for anyone and NEITHER CAN YOU!  The pitching is on a first come, first choice basis.  If you want to camp next to your family/friends, we suggest you arrive together.  Also, be aware that some workshops may be noisy.  Therefore, if you want a quieter pitch, you may want to consider pitching further away from the marquees and workshop areas. We also ask that your consideration is given concerning noise when quieter workshops are in progress (i.e. those that include meditations).

There are two standpipes which supply cold water only. Please use these responsibly and be aware that the area around the taps may get very muddy!  These are the DRINKING water taps. Please, in your own health interests, do not use the water from the portaloos as drinking water!

The toilets are eco long-drop toilets, but we do supply a number of Portaloos.  There are also two eco toilets at the bottom of the first field.  We also provide gents with urinal area. There is no hand washing facilities, other than the cold water supply and in some of the Portaloos..  You are responsible for your own hygiene standards.
If you are using camping toilets, you must use biodegradable toilet fluid only and empty these in the long drop toilets.  Do not empty them in the hedgerows! Female Urine upsets the Ewes and this is a nasty thing to do. DO NOT empty them in the Portaloos either!  These fill up very quickly and emptying your personal toilets into these will ruin the toilet system for everybody!
Please leave all toilet areas in a clean condition, as you would wish to find them.  If you ‘miss aim’ please wipe the seats!
We supply toilet paper for your use, but it would be good, and save us a lot of expense, if you bought your own.
The farmer has also supplied small waste bins in the long drop toilets for you to dispose of sanitary wear, baby’s nappies and any wipes you may use.  We will endeavour to empty these bins regularly but should you find them full, please report this as quickly as possible to the staff in the Information Tent.

There are NO showers or hot water!  You are responsible for your own hygiene needs.

All cars/vans must park in the first field unless you have a Disability Blue Parking Badge and you have told Cherill about this.  We shall require proof of the badge holder’s identity on the site.
You will be allowed to drive onto the main field to unload but then you will need to go and park in the other field.
Small motor homes will be allowed on the camping field, but larger ones will be asked to park in the first field.
Caravans can park in the main field but your vehicles must go into the first field.
This change is due to the cramped conditions of 2014 and the increase in larger vehicles/caravans.
Non – compliance with the parking rules will result in you being asked to leave the site.
Vehicles are parked at owners own risk.  The organisers take no responsibility for any vehicle.  We suggest that you lock any valuables in your vehicle.  The organisers cannot be held responsible for missing items.

Please be aware that there is a very steep cliff on the field above camp, it is separated from the camp area by fence and gate, so do not allow your children to wander unaccompanied in this area,
Please do not allow children of any age to play on the Hay Bales or in any part of the farm yard, by express wishes of the farmer!
Some workshops may not be suitable for small children.  This is entirely at the parent’s’ discretion but they may be asked to leave if the child disrupts a meditation. Please be aware of this.

Dogs are welcome but must be kept under control at all times, on leads.  There are children and livestock around (and adults!).
All dog mess must be cleaned up and put in the long drop toilets. You must use Eco bags for this purpose!   Eco bags will be available if required at the Welcome Tent.
Please be aware of the safety issue with dogs on tethers or long leads.  People do not always look for ropes or leads when walking round!
Please do NOT approach any dog without the owner’s’ permission!
If ANY dog is found off a lead, or if any owner is found not to be cleaning up their dog’s mess, they will be asked to leave the site immediately, or to take the dog/dogs and place them in nearby kennels. This is your choice!

You are welcome to put a small stall in the Goblin Market on Sunday Morning FOR FREE! However, due to the increase in insurance costs, we ask that you have your own Personal Liability Insurance. We will need to see proof of this insurance and a copy of your certificate must be on display on your stall at all times.  If you have your own insurance, you may put up a stall for free.    If you genuinely can’t afford this insurance, we will ask you to sign and display a disclaimer making you solely responsible for your stall and items you are selling, plus you will need to pay £10 for your stall.  Please note that you are responsible for your own stall and goods displayed on them.  The organisers will not accept any responsibility or liability concerning any aspect of your stall.  You will also need to bring your own table, chairs etc.

There are a few fire-pits available to loan, but you can bring your own.  However, they must be kept off the grass!  You MUST bring YOUR OWN wood to burn or logs can be purchased from Bob the farmer!  We do not supply you with logs! Anyone caught stealing logs intended for the central camp fire and paid for by us, will be asked to pay a fine of £10 or asked to leave, at our discretion.

ANY aggressive or violent behaviour will be dealt with by INSTANT EVICTION!

We have qualified First Aiders on camp should you need them.  Please go to the Welcome Tent if you require help. The Welcome tent is also the place to go to with any enquiries or complaints.
We also have Health and Safety Officers on site should you require advice.

There are fire points around the camp.  Please familiarise yourself with the location of the fire buckets.  In case of a fire, please alert the crew and anyone in your immediate vicinity as quickly as possible.

Camp closes at 2.00pm.
Please leave by then and take your rubbish with you!  It is imperative that ALL rubbish be taken away with you.  If we find any rubbish left by you, we will refuse to sell you a ticket for future camps.

So in Short:-

Please be kind to one another!
Keep your area pretty.
Respect the environment.
Look after your kids, pets, cars and stalls etc.

Looking forward to seeing you all,
The Lammas Camp Organisers & Crew.

Workshop info and sheet is available to download here at Morning Star Craft or and from the site from late June/July but may be subject to change.

The Ticket application form is below.  You can send in the form to Cherill by post or by email. If you are sending by email, please copy and paste the completed form into a new document to send as an attachment.  Thank you!  The form is also available in PDF format.

You may pay by Paypal, Direct Bank Transfer, or Cash at our local Moot or Drumming.  If you must pay by cheque, please contact Cherill first.

ONCE I HAVE RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION FORM I WILL SEND YOU THE PAYMENT DETAILS YOU HAVE INDICATED BY EMAIL. Payments made before 1st May will be at the lower rate.  Payments made on or after 1st May will be at the higher rate.

The postal address to send your form to is:-
C. Royce-Dexter
82 Kirkstone Road,
S41 8HE


Telephone: 07984 519275

*   *   *   *   *

Chesterfield Pagans Lammas Camp 2017
Ticket Order Form

* denotes must have details!

*Name of main applicant:

(This is the person responsible for all members in your party.
Please give the names of ALL other party members at the end of this form.)

*Address of main applicant


*Contact telephone number of main applicant

*Main applicants email address:

*How many tickets would you like? Please indicate all tickets required.

NOTE: Early bird tickets are those paid for BEFORE 1st May, not those ordered before!
(Early Bird ticket prices have now been taken off the list as the dead line has arrived)
NO REFUNDS can be given for non-attendance.  Crew decisions are final!

(E.g adults three nights       2             @ £20 per person (before 1st May)     £40)
(    or                                    2             @ £26 per person (from 1st May)        £52)

Adults three nights                                   £26 per person (from 1st May)          £

Adults two Nights                                    £18 per person (from 1st May)          £

Adults one night                                      £9 per person (from 1st May)            £

Child 5-14 years inclusive three nights   ____        @ £10 per child                £
Child 5-14 years inclusive two nights     ____        @ £7   per child                £
Child 5-14 years inclusive one night       ____        @ £5   per child                £
Child 4 years inclusive, and under                                 FREE

Dogs three nights inclusive      ____                       @ £10 per dog                  £
Dogs two nights                       ____                       @ £7 per dog                    £
Dogs one night                         ____                       @ £5 per dog                    £
Stall (none camping)                ____                       @ £5 per day                    £

Stall if camping:-
With Insurance?                                            FREE
With a Disclaimer?                                       £10                                             £

Day visitor adult                    ____         @ £5 per person, per day                 £
Please state which day/days

Day visitor 5-14 year old      ____          @ £3 per child, per day                   £

Day visitor 4 years and under                       FREE

TOTAL COST OF TICKETS                    £

Please indicate which of these units you will be using on site.

Tent                      Tent Extension                  Gazebo                    Motor home
Caravan                Awning                        Event Shelter                      Other

Are you Disabled and hold a Blue Badge?

*Do you agree to follow and uphold the rules of the camp?
If you do not agree we will not sell you a ticket!

*Please indicate your preferred method of payment:-

PayPal                                                                             Direct Bank Transfer
Cash at a Moot or Drumming.


*You MUST give the names, door number and postcode, plus an emergency contact number for EVERY member of your party, unless they live with you, when we only need their name.

*You MUST also give the ages of any child 14 years and under.

*You MUST also state the days on which these members will be attending.  Without this information, you will not receive any tickets you have ordered.

Please list this information below :-

1) Main Applicant Name

Nights Attending                                               Emergency Contact Number

2) Name                                                 Postcode & Number                        Age (if applicable)

Nights Attending                                               Emergency Contact Number

3)  Name                                                Postcode & Number                        Age (if applicable)

Nights Attending                                               Emergency Contact Number

4) Name                                                 Postcode & Number                        Age (if applicable)

Nights Attending                                               Emergency Contact Number

5)  Name                                                Postcode & Number                        Age (if applicable)

Nights Attending                                               Emergency Contact Number

6) Name                                                 Postcode & Number                        Age (if applicable)

Nights Attending                                               Emergency Contact Number

7)  Name                                                Postcode & Number                        Age (if applicable)

Nights Attending                                               Emergency Contact Number

8) Name                                                 Postcode & Number                        Age (if applicable)

Nights Attending                                               Emergency Contact Number

9)  Name                                                Postcode & Number                        Age (if applicable)

Nights Attending                                               Emergency Contact Number

10) Name                                               Postcode & Number                        Age (if applicable)

Nights Attending                                               Emergency Contact Number


Downloadable Form –

Lammas camp 2017 App Form